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Bromley et al (Respondent) v. Her Majesty the Queen (Applicant) 2002 BCSC 149

John N. Gregory, Douglas H. Mathew, Steven M. Cook, Eugene Kaulius, Charles E. Beil, 347059 B.C. Limited, John R. Owen, Amalio de Cotiis, William John Millar, NSFC Holdings Limited, Warren J.A. Mitchell, TFTI Holdings Limited, Ian H. Pitfield, Lorne A. Green, Innocenzo de Cotiis, Michael de Cotiis, Verlaan Investments Inc., Frank Mayer and Craig C. Sturrock (Appellants) v. Her Majesty the Queen (Respondent) 2001 DTC 163 Case Summary

R. v. Braisher Contracting

R. v. Klasen

MFC Bancorp Ltd. (Appellant) v. Her Majesty the Queen (Respondent) 99 DTC 905 Case Summary

CSI Development Corp. (Appellant) v. Her Majesty the Queen (Respondent) 99 DTC 1139 Case Summary

Her Majesty the Queen (Appellant) v. CCLC Technologies Inc. (Respondent) 96 DTC 6527 Case Summary

Bosa Bros. Construction Ltd. (Plaintiff) v. Her Majesty the Queen (Defendant) 96 DTC 6193 Case Summary

CCLC Technologies Inc. (Plaintiff) v. Her Majesty the Queen (Defendant) 95 DTC 5685 Case Summary

R. v. VTech Electronics

Interprovincial Steel and Pipe Corporation Ltd. (Plaintiff) v. Her Majesty The Queen (Defendant) 85 DTC 5099 Case Summary

Wolf Bergelt (Appellant) v. The Minister of National Revenue (Respondent) 84 DTC 1042 Case Summary