Criminal Defence

Our Criminal Defence group specializes in representing clients at all stages of tax-related criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Tax audits by the Canada Revenue Agency can result in reassessments for taxes and penalties, but there can also be more serious risks. A CRA auditor who suspects criminal wrongdoing by a taxpayer can refer the file to CRA investigators, which can lead to criminal charges for tax evasion and related offences, such as fraud. A conviction can come with severe consequences including significant fines, imprisonment, a criminal record, and restrictions on international travel and employment.

Our lawyers represent clients during “high risk” audits, during criminal investigations (including the execution of search warrants), and during prosecutions, sentencing proceedings, and appeals. Our lawyers have appeared at all levels of court in British Columbia and have represented clients in serious and complex tax cases.

We assist clients in managing risks within Canada, risks that have cross-border dimensions, and situations where there may be involvement by other government agencies such as police or securities commissions.

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