Vivian Esper
Vancouver Office

Vivian Esper

Vivian is an is an associate working out of the Vancouver office of Thorsteinssons LLP.

Vivian’s practice focuses on tax dispute resolution with the Canada Revenue Agency and Tax Court of Canada.  Her practice also includes tax planning involving individuals, trusts and corporations. Prior to moving to Canada, Vivian practiced for 7 years as a tax litigation lawyer in one of the most prestigious law firms in Sao Paulo/Brazil.

Vivian successfully completed her Masters at Law – Common Law (LL.M.C.L.) at the University of British Columbia and received her Accreditation Certificate by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada in 2016. She was called to the Ontario bar in 2017 and practiced as a tax lawyer in a boutique tax law firm until 2018 when she joined the firm’s Vancouver office.


  • LL.M Taxation, University of British Columbia.
  • LL.M. CL, University of British Columbia
  • LL.B, Presbyterian University Mackenzie (Sao Paulo/Brazil)