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Kyle B. Lamothe

Kyle B. Lamothe – Featured speaking engagements and articles*

Presenter and author (with Alexander Demner), “Tax Issues regarding losses”, The Definitive Guide to Owner-Manager Taxation National Conference, Canadian Tax Foundation, September 2020;

Presenter, “Income Tax Opportunities in light of COVID-19”, Thorsteinssons LLP webinar, June 2020;

Presenter, “Employment and Tax Implications of COVID-19”, Thorsteinssons LLP and Sherrard Kuzz LLP joint webinar, May 2020;

Presenter and author, “Recent Tax Developments”, The Six-Minute Estates Lawyer 2020, Law Society of Ontario, May 2020;

Author (with Alexander Demner), “Section 212.1 Post Mortem Pipeline Comfort Letter”, Tax for the Owner-Manager, Canadian Tax Foundation, April 2020;

Presenter and author (with Alexander Demner), “The Future of Surplus Stripping”, 2019 Ontario Tax Conference, Canadian Tax Foundation, October 2019;

Presenter and author, “Structuring to Access Private Business Tax Advantages”, Practice Gems: Essentials of the Privately Held Company 2019: Setting Up the Company, Law Society of Ontario, September 2019;

Author (with Alexander Demner), “Section 212.1 Lookthrough Rules Create Issues for Trusts with Non-Resident Beneficiaries”, Tax for the Owner-Manager, Canadian Tax Foundation, April 2019;

Presenter, “Tax on Split Income: A Case Study Approach”, 2019 STEP Annual National Conference, Society for Trusts and Estate Practitioners, June 2019;

Presenter, “Tax on Split Income (TOSI), changes to small business deductions, withdrawals and other tax updates”, CPA Ontario Huronia PD Day, June 2019;

Presenter and author, “Taxation of Trusts Update”, The Six-Minute Estates Lawyer 2019, Law Society of Ontario, April 2019;

Presenter, “Corporate and Shareholder Tax Planning”, CPA Ontario Durham Region Event, March 2019;

Presenter, “Devising the Tax Plan and Outlining Options to Client”, From Tax Planning to Tax Litigation for the Owner-Manager, Ontario Bar Association, November 2018;

Presenter and author, “Private Company Technical Session: Changes to TOSI and Passive Investments of Private Corporations”, Toronto Young Practitioners Tax Conference, Canadian Tax Foundation, June 2018;

Presenter and author, “Tax Update – The New Tax on Split Income and Passive Investment Rules” The Six-Minute Business Lawyer 2018, Law Society of Ontario, June 2018;

Author, “TOSI on a Marriage Breakdown” Canadian Tax Highlights, Canadian Tax Foundation, July 2018;

Presenter and author (with Brandon Wiener), “Private Corporation Taxation: A review of the July 18, 2017 proposals” 2017 Ontario Tax Conference, Canadian Tax Foundation, October 2017;

Presenter and author, “Intersections Between Family, Estate and Tax Law: Practical Considerations for Tax Practitioners”, Toronto Young Practitioners Group, Canadian Tax Foundation, April 2017;

Author, “Common Reporting Standard: Draft Legislation”, Canadian Tax Highlights, Canadian Tax Foundation, May 2016;

Author (with Tim Barrett), “Limitation on Circumventing an Acquisition of Control Birchcliff Energy Ltd. v. The Queen”, Canadian Tax Journal, Canadian Tax Foundation, 2016;

Presenter, “Law for Accountants”, CPA Ontario Half-Day Course, 2016;

Author, “Cross-Border Employees: Avoiding Double Pension Contributions” Canadian Tax Focus, Canadian Tax Foundation, 2015; and

Author “The Ontario Superior Court of Justice Holds Ontario to the Letter of its Law”, Corporate Finance, Federated Press, 2015.


* – This list does not include my speaking engagements to private groups and businesses (law firms, accounting firms, financial advisors, insurance advisors, etc.), or private events hosted by Thorsteinssons for our clients such as our annual Thor Tax Update. The list of publications also does not include my contributions to the Thorsteinssons blog or tax alerts.