CTF Ontario Tax Conference – The Future of Surplus Stripping

Alexander Demner and Kyle Lamothe will be presenting an in-depth analysis on the Future of Surplus Stripping at 11:20a.m. on October 28th at the Ontario Regional Canadian Tax Foundation (CTF) Conference in Toronto, Ontario. Surplus stripping – generally involving the realization of share value by way of a capital transaction rather than through a distribution taxed as a dividend or salary – is currently a hot topic for several reasons. The draft legislation released by the Minister of Finance in 2017 (although subsequently withdrawn) has given practitioners considerable concern that significant legislative change may be forthcoming. Messrs. Demner and Lamothe will review and update the existing jurisprudence, discuss lessons which can be drawn from the 2017 proposals, dissect examples of certain common surplus stripping transactions, and then analyze the future of surplus stripping and potential changes which may be coming “down the pipeline”.

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