Summer and Articling Positions in Toronto

Tax law is thinking work– not busy work. To serve our clients we need exceptional, enthusiastic people who want to excel in their profession.

Deciding where to article is one of the first – and most difficult – decisions that a law student must make. For students interested in specializing in tax, the articling program at Thorsteinssons provides an unequaled opportunity to begin your career practicing at the highest level with Canada’s most accomplished tax lawyers.

Our Toronto and Vancouver offices accept applications for both the summer and articling programs. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Firm

Thorsteinssons was founded in 1964 and is Canada’s premier law firm dealing exclusively with tax matters. With offices in Toronto and Vancouver, Thorsteinssons is Canada’s largest boutique tax firm and our lawyers are consistently recognized among the leading tax practitioners in Canada and around the world.

Our practice encompasses all aspects of federal and provincial tax matters including domestic and international tax planning, structured finance product development and both civil and criminal tax litigation. Tax is an area of great complexity. By restricting our practice to tax, we are better able to provide the level of skill and attention that our clients demand.

Our clients include public and private corporations, domestic and offshore trusts, high net-worth individuals, charitable and non-profit organizations and all levels of foreign and domestic government.

Our Articling Program

Our goal is simple – to provide you with the tools you need to become the best lawyer you can be.

Our students work closely with all lawyers in the firm and can expect to be given significant responsibility while working on challenging matters in all areas of our practice. Our students are treated no differently than our associates. In tax, the focus is not on busy work – but rather on thinking work. We are not accountants. We are tax lawyers. An accounting background is not required or necessary. A broad knowledge of the law is.

Students are encouraged to exhibit independence in their practice but are never expected to work without a net. Members of the firm – partners, associates and students alike – benefit from regular continuing legal education seminars designed to help our lawyers move up the learning curve as efficiently as possible.

We recognize that tax is a highly specialized area of the law and make every effort to develop our students into top-level tax specialists.

Salary and Benefits

Our summer and articling student salaries are generally equal to or greater than the salaries paid at other top tier firms in Toronto. In addition, summer students who return to article will receive a $5,000 bonus. We also pay all required LSO fees for licensing examinations, the articling program and the call to the Bar of Ontario.


Interviews for articling and second year summer positions (including OCIs) are conducted according to the articling and summer interview guidelines established by the Law Society of Upper Canada. We do not currently offer first year summer positions.

Applications should include a covering letter, a resume, undergraduate and law school transcripts and a list of anticipated upper year courses. Please address your applications to Eryn Fanjoy and send them via the student portal site.

Applications received through other means (e.g. email, courier, fax) will not be reviewed.

For more information about a career with Thorsteinssons, please contact:

Toronto Recruiting