Tax law is thinking work – not busy work. To serve our clients we need exceptional, enthusiastic people who want to excel in their profession.

Thorsteinssons was founded in 1964 and is Canada’s premier law firm dealing exclusively with tax matters. With offices in Toronto and Vancouver, Thorsteinssons is Canada’s largest boutique tax firm and our lawyers are consistently recognized among the leading tax practitioners in Canada and around the world.

Our practice encompasses all aspects of federal and provincial tax matters including domestic and international tax planning, structured finance product development and both civil and criminal tax litigation. Tax is an area of great complexity. By restricting our practice to tax, we are better able to provide the level of skill and attention that our clients demand.

Our clients include public and private corporations, domestic and offshore trusts, high net-worth individuals, charitable and non-profit organizations and all levels of foreign and domestic government.

Current Positions

Vancouver – Corporate Tax Associate    *NEW POSTING*


Thorsteinssons is regularly seeking practicing associates who are interested in pursuing a career in tax. While most of our lateral hires have a background in tax or corporate / commercial law, associates with strong academic credentials from any area of law are welcome to apply – our partners have diverse legal and academic backgrounds.

Tax is a specialized and intellectually demanding area of practice. Associates can expect their first few years at Thorsteinssons to be both challenging and rewarding. Successful associates demonstrate both the “grey matter” required to solve tax problems and the professionalism and practicality required to provide exceptional client service. Unlike many other firms, our new associates are given opportunities to develop their technical expertise and lawyering skills by doing valuable work. While the learning curve is steep, associates at Thorsteinssons make a meaningful contribution.

We strive to provide our associates with the resources and support they need to develop into top-level tax specialists. Thorsteinssons provides all lawyers with access to comprehensive tax law resources and an unparalleled in-house CLE program. We support our associates to participate in tax conferences, co-author articles, enroll in courses and otherwise further their education and professional development.

For more information or to apply for an associate position, please contact Eryn Fanjoy in Toronto or Rick Wong in Vancouver.


Our lawyers could not deliver the superior level of service our clients expect without the competence and dedication of our support staff.

Essential qualifications for all of our support staff positions include excellent communication skills, demonstrated initiative, the ability to work with individuals at all levels in a team environment and a commitment to service excellence.

If you are interested in joining our team in either the Vancouver or Toronto office, please contact the Director of Operations and Human Resources.

Diversity and Inclusion

Thorsteinssons takes pride in cultivating a diverse workforce.  We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage qualified applicants of all abilities to apply.  We will accommodate applicants with disability-related needs (to the point of undue hardship) throughout all stages of the recruitment and selection process.

Thorsteinssons believes that only through the fulfilment of individual needs for personal and professional growth can it achieve its goal of being a successful firm. Because our success depends upon the quality and commitment of our employees, our objective is to employ the best people available and to maintain a high-quality working relationship with all our employees, based upon mutual trust, respect, courtesy and tolerance. To this end, we strive to:

  • Provide a work environment which is free of discrimination and/or harassment.
  • Provide a diverse work environment that encourages self-motivation and initiative.
  • Provide equal and fair rewards for sustained job performance.
  • Encourage open and frank dialogue about work and/or business issues.
  • Offer equal opportunity for personal development, career growth and advancement based on individual ability and demonstrated job performance.
  • Provide healthy and safe working conditions for all.

Thorsteinssons is committed to providing a collegial working environment.  Our goal is to nurture a workplace that promotes dignity, mutual respect, understanding and cooperation of all employees.  Individuals have the right to be treated with respect in the workplace. THOR will endeavor to provide a work environment which is supportive of productivity and personal goals, dignity and self-esteem.