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2024 Federal Budget – Major Income Tax Changes Announced

Published by Jonathan Longcroft & Elliott Simpson & Alexander Demner

Yesterday (April 16, 2024), the Department of Finance Canada published its 2024 federal budget (“Budget 2024”). Several major tax proposals were announced. This blog post briefly outlines those relating to income tax.

1. Increased Capital Gains Inclusion Rate 

Quick Update – New EIFEL Regime

Published by Ian Gamble

Context: As part of the avalanche of new draft legislation, the Department of Finance has released revised excessive interest and financing expenses limitation (EIFEL) rules.  The attached Excel is a high-level and technical summary of the new EIFEL regime. …

Inadvertently caught in the net – deemed dispositions and the “flipped property” rules

Published by Ken Jiang & Justin Shoemaker

The recently enacted “flipped property” rules in the Income Tax Act (Canada) (the “Act”) have wide ranging implications. Several tax practitioners have written about the problematic nature of the rules (see, for example: Evan Crocker and Kenneth Keung, “Related-Party Transfers…

Principal tax measures from Federal Budget 2023 – Part 1: Personal and private company measures

Published by Alexei Paish & Asif Abdulla & Gloria Wang

Budget 2023 – A Made-in-Canada Plan: Strong Middle Class, Affordable Economy, Healthy Future (“Budget 2023”) was tabled by the Department of Finance (“Finance”) on March 28, 2023 (“Budget Day”). The stated focus of Budget 2023 includes targeted inflation relief, stronger…

Tax-free savings accounts not always tax-free

Published by David Davies & Alexander Demner & Kyle Spampinato

In Ahamed v. The King (“Ahamed”), the Tax Court of Canada held that a tax-free savings account (“TFSA”), despite its moniker, is capable of carrying on a business of trading securities and any income earned from that business is fully…

2021 Federal Budget – A Critical Analysis and Overview of the Principal Proposed Income Tax Measures

Published by Thorsteinssons LLP

Authors: Alexander Demner, Tyler Berg, and Gloria Wang

The federal government released its 2021 budget on April 19, 2021. Coming in as the longest budget in Canadian history, Budget 2021 proposes a myriad of income tax…

COVID-19 Tax Update: Canada Revenue Agency announces additional tax relief measures

Published by Chris Marta

The Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) has announced additional tax relief measures as part of its response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. These measures are summarized below.

Administrative Tax Measures

The new measures extend various filing deadlines under the Income Tax