Category: Taxation of Real Estate

Inadvertently caught in the net – deemed dispositions and the “flipped property” rules

Published by Ken Jiang & Justin Shoemaker

The recently enacted “flipped property” rules in the Income Tax Act (Canada) (the “Act”) have wide ranging implications. Several tax practitioners have written about the problematic nature of the rules (see, for example: Evan Crocker and Kenneth Keung, “Related-Party Transfers…

House flipping: refresher and practical advice – Part 1: income tax

Published by Tyler Berg

According to data available on its website, the Canada Revenue Agency (the “CRA”) completed approximately 12,000 “real estate” audits in British Columbia for both income tax and goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (“GST/HST”) between April 2015 and March…

First filings coming up for new housing taxes in Toronto and Ottawa

Published by Noah Sarna & Gloria Wang & Sarah Faber

Vacant housing taxes came into effect in Toronto and Ottawa for 2022, meaning that homeowners will have to file their first occupancy status declaration by February 2023 (for Toronto) and March 2023 (for Ottawa). Toronto’s portal is now open for…

Issues arising on the conversion of real property from capital to inventory (or vice versa)

Published by Vivian Esper

When a real property held by a taxpayer as a rental property becomes the taxpayer’s residence (or vice versa), the “change-in-use” rules in section 45 and subsection 13(7) of the Income Tax Act (the “ITA”) are triggered. Subsection 45(1) provides…

A Critical Analysis of the Principal Income Tax Measures from Federal Budget 2022 (and Subsequent Legislative Proposals)

Published by Thorsteinssons LLP

Authors: Gloria Wang, Sarah Faber, and Alexander Demner

Budget 2022: A Plan to Grow Our Economy and Make Life More Affordable (“Budget 2022”) was tabled by the Federal Government on April 7, 2022 (“Budget Day”). The government…

Leonard – Tax Court finds that distressed-debt transaction was an adventure or concern in the nature of trade

Published by Chris Canning

The Tax Court’s decision in Leonard v. The Queen, 2021 TCC 33, analyzed the oft-discussed legal concept of “an adventure or concern in the nature of trade”, which the courts use to distinguish between transactions of a business nature…

2021 Federal Budget – A Critical Analysis and Overview of the Principal Proposed Income Tax Measures

Published by Thorsteinssons LLP

Authors: Alexander Demner, Tyler Berg, and Gloria Wang

The federal government released its 2021 budget on April 19, 2021. Coming in as the longest budget in Canadian history, Budget 2021 proposes a myriad of income tax…