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Taxation of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

The meteoric rise, and subsequent tailspin, in the price of bitcoin has incited rampant investment in cryptocurrencies. Over 1,400 coins or tokens are now in “circulation”. Often lost in the resplendence and chicness of buying and selling cryptocurrencies are the…

Canadian Tax Alerts

Federal Court of Appeal Rules in GAAR Case

In Canada v. Oxford Properties Group Inc., 2018 FCA 30, the Federal Court of Appeal allowed in part the Crown’s appeal and referred the reassessment of the taxpayer back to the Minister of National Revenue for reconsideration. The taxpayer…

Revised Income Splitting Rules and Guidance

The Department of Finance has released revised draft legislation and background information on its proposals to prevent income splitting. The documents can be accessed here. This release follows on the Department’s private corporation consultation paper of July 18, 2017,…