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Uncertainty Abound: Proposed Amendments to Foreign Affiliate Dumping

The FAD Rules Referred to as the foreign affiliate dumping (“FAD”) rules, section 212.3 was designed to restrict a non-resident corporation (a “parent”) from using a corporation resident in Canada (a “CRIC”) as an intermediary to invest in a…

Canadian Tax Alerts

The CRA releases a list of tax tips for students

On February 11, 2020, the CRA published a list of tax tips aimed at providing students and taxpayers with no or almost no income with useful reminders on benefits and credits they may qualify for.

Taxpayer successful on s. 160 assessment

In reaching the decision, the Tax Court of Canada considered whether the parties to the transaction attempted to place the CRA in “any different position whatsoever as a result of the transfer”. The Court found that they did not.…

Reminder: Complete Empty Homes Tax Declaration by February 4, 2020

Registered owners of residential property in Vancouver are reminded to complete their 2019 property status declarations by February 4, 2020.  Owners should have already received reminder notices from the City of Vancouver.  Failure to make the declaration will result in…